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 2009 Inductees

Newton Thomas
Donald Mackintosh
Alf James
John Bryant

 2010 Inductees

Graham Willet
Robert (Bob) Buchan
Vin Ryan
Neil Berry

 2011 Inductees

Jim Shepherd
John Wittakers
Jack 'Calrossi' Sutherland


Jack McGraith
Glenn Woodhatch

 2013 Inductees

Lyne Curtis
Ron Traill

 2014 Inductees

Alexander (Bill) Eagle
William Glenelg Downie

 2015 Inductees

Gill Farish
Roger Duthie
Terry Boucher


Ian Hale
Russell Mark
Stephen Atkins

 2017 Inductees

Brian Thomson
Larry Dimasi

 2018 Inductees

Leigh Roberts
Steve Habermann