Results for Victorian Shooters
at Trap Nationals

20th-29th March 2015

Progressive Results

Victorians who have won their grade in the events to date:

Double Barrel Championship
1st O/A Junior                   Mitchell Iles        Melbourne GC                  228/228
1st O/A Sub Junior            Jack Cullinan       Mildura CTC                    113/113
2nd O/A Veterans             Peter Tate           Maryborough DGC          127/128

2nd B Grade         Trish Carter       Hamilton CTC                     57/58
3rd A Grade         Jeffery Fraser     Frankston Aust CTC         107/108
1st A Grade         Craig Mitchell      Melbourne CCTC              113/114
1st AA Grade       Mitchell Iles         Melbourne GC                  615/616

Family Deauville Doubles Championships
2nd        Grant Ellis          Central Wimmera
              Sandy Ellis          Central Wimmera              271/272

Shoulder to Shoulder Teams
1st           Victorian Ladies                74/75
Renae Birgan     25/25
Amanda Holt      24/25
Laura Woolley   25/25

2nd          Victorian Juniors               74/75
Mitchell Iles
Will Smithwick
Jack Clerke

2nd          Victorian Veterans          74/75
Chris Carrol
Peter Tate
Andrew Ataliotis

Victorian Team


Congratulations to our Victorian Winners and
all other competitors who competed successfully