State 5-Stand Sporting Clays
Bendigo Clay Target Club
3rd March 2012

Congratulations to the following winners:

Overall Leigh Roberts  94/100
1st AA Leigh Roberts 94/100
2nd AA Sox Pilipasidis  121/130
3rd  AA Peter Hall 120/130
1st A Brian Taylor 89/100
2nd A Hayden Mountjoy 86/100
3rd A Phillip Stowe 85/100
1st B Gaye Shale 81/100
2nd B Bruce Billings 80/100
3rd B Colin Finn 78/100
1st C Gabriel Haralambous  69/100
2nd C Stephen Foster 64/100
3rd C Luke Torney 59/100
Veterans Bruce Billings 80/100
Ladies Renae Birgan 90/100
Junior Adam Shale 89/100
Victorian State Shoulder to Shoulder Team

Leigh Roberts
Sox Pilipasidis
Peter Hall
Jeffrey Zammit

Nathan Harris