State 5-Stand Sporting Clays
Maryborough & District Gun Club
31 January 2009

The weather very hot and sunny with temperatures over 43°. Sixty three shooters attended.

Many thanks to our major sponsor, GB Corsivia, for their continuing support.

Congratulations to the following winners:

Overall Leigh Roberts 92/100
1st AA Phillip Stowe 89/100
2nd AA Colin Macpherson 81/100
3rd  AA Rod Wharton 81/100
1st A Nathan Harris 86/100
2nd A William Eagle 84/100
3rd A Bryan Rafferty 83/100
1st B Bruce Billings 74/100
2nd B Craig Watts 81/110
3rd B Peter Tate 79/110
1st C Josh Allison 69/100
2nd C Terry Pigram 73/110
3rd C Daniel Cleary 72/110
Veterans Bruce Billings 74/100
Ladies Kelly Norris 73/100
Junior Nathan Harris 86/100
Shoulder to Shoulder team
Leigh Roberts
Phillip Stowe
Nathan Harris
Res.1.William Eagle