The 2013 Victorian State ISSF Titles were conducted at the Melbourne Gun club on May 10-12. The Titles were  again recognised as an AISL “PQS EVENT” and as such formed to be the first of the commonwealth Games  selection events held in Australia. This ensured large crowds and strong competition. The titles were also the  first of all states to be held using the new rules introduced by the ISSF in 2013.  Held on Friday the 10th of May, the Double Trap kicked off right on time with four full sqauds of shooters ready to go.  Conditions could not have been better and 24 shooters battled out the five rounds of 15 “random pairs” of targets right till  the end.  After the 5 rounds, we were left with the top 6 shooters who qualified to compete in the “Semi Final”. These shooters being  Tom Turner on 135/150 who went very close to the high PQS score of 137, Russell Mark 131, Steve Haberman & Adam  Vella on 129, Craig Trembath 124 and Marc Crimmins winning a 3 way shoot off to sneak in for 6th position with a 121/150.  Congratulations must also go to Steve Haberman for recording the first clean round of 30/30 in Australia!  As per the new rules all 6 shooters now start from ZERO for the Semi Final meaning that anyone, who has qualified for the  final event, could win . A further 15 pairs saw Craig Trembath record an excellent 29/30 to ensure he progressed to the  Gold Medal match. Steve Haberman and Russell Mark only 1 behind him required a shoot off to see who would join Craig.  After 5 pair it was Russell the victor leaving Steve to shoot off with Tom Turner for the bronze. Tom recorded a 27. Adam  Vella with a 26 & Marc Crimmins a 24 were both eliminated.  Bronze Medal Match  Haberman vs Turner After 15 pairs in the bronze medal  it was Tom Turner who held on for a strong win to claim Bronze 26 to 22. Tom had shot  brilliantly all day and, as has been seen with the new rules recently, the person who goes in leading doesn’t always come  out on top despite breaking more targets than everyone for the day!  Gold Medal Match  Mark vs Trembath After 15 pairs these 2 still could not determine a winner with both recording 28 out of 30. A shoot off miss and out was  required and what a marathon it became. Pair after pair both shooters knocked down with ease until on the 12 pair Craig  Trembath missed and Russell nailed his to become the 2013 Victorian State Champion. These two put on an awesome  display of shooting which was great to watch.  Congratulations to Russell on adding yet another State Title to his collection.  Gold Russell Mark 131 + 28 + 28 + 23 Silver Craig Trembath 124 + 29 + 28 + 22 Bronze Tom Turner 135 + 27 + 26 AA Grade Steve Haberman 129 A Grade Marc Crimmins 121 B Grade Ben Palmer 117 C Grade Joe Melisi 90 Junior Matt Woods 116 WOMENS TRAP With what would almost be a record of 15 women entered, the State Women’s Trap Championship was held on Saturday  11th of May in great conditions. Fresh from their wins at the World Cup in UAE both Laetisha Scanlan and Catherine  Skinner started as the white hot favourites. Catherine getting off to a great start with rounds of 25,24 putting her in a great  position in her last round to nail another PQS. With a 22 she did just that to be top scorer into the final on 71. Scanlan was  next with 68 followed by Suzy Balogh on 67, Anna Shedrina 65, Tegan McCloy 64, Emma Cox & Penny Smith on 58.  Into the Semi Final we saw Suzy shoot a great 14/15 single barrel with Laetisha Scanlan shooting a 13 to join her in the  Gold Medal Match. The spots for the Bronze Medal match were tight with Emma Cox. TeganMcCloy and Catherine Skinner  requiring a shoot off to determine who would battle it out.Emma & Catherine being the victors after 2 targets.  Bronze Medal Match  Cox vs Skinner Disappointed with her semi final round, Catherine came out on a mission and nailed all 15 targets single barrel in the  Bronze Medal match to win 15 to 9 to continue her good form. Great shooting Catherine.  Gold Medal Match  Scanlan vs Balogh Undefeated in Women’s events under the new final System, Laetisha Scanlan was looking to continue her unbeaten run in  2013. Shot for shot both girls went until Suzy missing a couple in a row gave Leatisha the buffer she needed to come out  on top 13 to 9 remaining undefeated in 2013  Gold  Laetisha Scanlan  69 + 13 + 13 Silver  Suzy Balogh  68 + 14 + 9 Bronze  Catherine Skinner  71 + 9 + 15 WOMENS SKEET Over on the Skeet field, 3 Women were caught in a very tight competition. After the 3 rounds Laura Coles had shot rounds  of 21,23,25 to fall just one short of her PQS. Lauryn Mark recording 66 and Zita Dettori a 60.  In the Semi Final it was Laura Coles who again continued her good form to shoot a 14, Zita Dettori a 10 to put her into the  Gold Medal Match with Laura. Lauryn being eliminated with 8.  Gold Medal Match  Coles vs Dettori As has been the norm with recent events, leading into a final can now be a curse!!! Zita shot an awesome Gold Medal  match to come out on top 14 to 13 in a great display of shooting by both girls!!  Gold  Zita Dettori  60 + 10 + 14 Silver  Laura Coles  69 + 14 + 13 Bronze  Lauryn Mark  66 + 8 MENS TRAP A large crowd of 56 Men had entered the Trap event held over the Saturday (50tgts) and Sunday (75tgts & final).  Saturday’s conditions were fine and sunny but Sunday proved tricky with a strong wind and dark and dull conditions. This  didn’t stop some great scores being posted especially from Brett Dunstan who had rounds of 25,21,25,24,25 to record a  120/125 and a PQS. Well done Brett!!! Second into the final was Adam Vella falling just one short on 119, Todd Malone 117,  Vinnie Mollica 116, Glenn Kable and Steve Trembath after a short shoot off on 115 all qualified for the Semi Final.  What a Semi Final we had, with rain coming and light fading quickly Todd, Glenn, Adam & Brett all ending on 13/15!!! Steve  & Vinnie being eliminated shooting 12 & 9 respectively!  After the shoot off the shooters to go to the Gold Medal Match were Glenn Kable & Adam Vella. This left Todd Malone &  Brett Dunstan to battle for Bronze.  Bronze Medal Match  Dunstan vs Malone Brett again displaying the curse of leading a final went into the Bronze Medal match with Todd Malone. In what could only  be described as a “world record for the fastest medal match” this affair was done in record time with boys guys getting  straight into it. Brett came out on top 13 to 8.  Gold Medal Match  Vella vs Kable With the vast experience both these 2 shooters have, a close tussle was always on the cards. Rain getting closer and light  getting darker by the minute these 2 Olympians battled right till the end. Adam came out on top 13 to 11 giving him yet  another Men’s State Trap sash!! Congratulations Adam  Gold  Adam Vella  119 + 13 + 13 Silver  Glenn Kable  115 + 13 + 11 Bronze  Brett Dunstan  120 + 13 + 13 A Grade  Todd Malone  117 B Grade  Christopher Southwell  115 C Grade  Craig Mitchell  90 Junior  Chris Southwell  115 MENS SKEET A total of 9 shooters were battling it out on the Skeet Field for the Men’s Title. Paul Adams had handled the tricky conditions  the best recording a great 120/125. Keith Ferguson was next on 113, James Bolding 107, Joshua Bell 100, Daniel Egan &  Daniel Baskerville next on 96 made the semi final.  In the Semi Final both Keith & Paul ensured that they was going thru to the Gold Medal Match with a score of 13. Right  behind them was Daniel Egan on 12 and Daniel Baskerville on 11 to fight for Bronze. James with a 10 and Josh with an 8  were eliminated  Gold Medal Match  Adams vs Ferguson Finally the hoodoo of leading into a final was broken with Paul shooting a great round of to defeat Paul 14 to 12. Great  shooting Paul on becoming the 2013 Victorian State Champion.  Bronze Medal Match  Egan vs Baskerville The battle of the Daniel’s for Bronze saw Baskerville come out on top in a hard fought round winning 10 to 8 which finished  off a great weekend for him.  Gold  Paul Adams  120 + 13 + 14 Silver Keith Ferguson  113 + 13 + 12 Bronze  Daniel Baskerville  96 + 11 + 10 A Grade  James Bolding  107 B Grade  Joshua Bell  100 C Grade Michael Vandergulik  74 Junior  Joshua Bell  107 VICTORIAN SHOULDER TO SHOULDER TEAMS Of course the highlight of any State Titles is to see who will represent our state at the next National Titles which will be held  in Perth in 2014.  DOUBLE TRAP Russell Mark, Adam Vella, Steve Haberman WOMENS TRAP Catherine Skinner, Laetisha Scanlan, Anna Shedrina MENS TRAP Brett Dunstan, Adam Vella, Todd Malone MENS SKEET  Keith Ferguson, James Bolding, Daniel Egan JUNIOR TRAP Jack Wallace, Isaiah Harris, Alex Sibillin Congratulations to all shooters above and we wish you well at the Nationals.  Of course an event like this doesn’t happen without some big Thank You’s!!  First to our Referee’s and Officials who helped out all weekend to ensure this event had PQS Status – Ian Urch,  Judith Kent, Peter Wray, Darren White, Tina White, Matt Dunkley, Vince Mollica & Kelvin Prescott. To Claire and  Paul Watts for doing all of the office work with the help of Jean Wray on the handicap cards. And finally to the  Melbourne Gun Club Committee & Members in particularly Darren White, Steve Aston, Peter Wilkins, Steve  Pellegrino, Rick Wallace, Matt Dunkley, Craig & Jack Henwood your help ensured a great carnival was enjoyed   by everyone. A big thank you to Tina White for organising some small mother’s day presents to all the mothers who were  “forced” on Mother’s Day to be at the range supporting their sons/daughters/husbands. A gesture that was   welcomed by all. This ended one of the more successful State ISSF Carnivals. We hope all who travelled from interstate had a  safe trip home. We look forward to hosting you again in 2014! 
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2013 Victorian ISSF State Titles Melbourne Gun Club 10th to 12th May 2013 Report By Craig Henwood
Women's Trap - Suzy Balogh 2nd, Laetisha Scanlan 1st, Catherine Skinner 3rd Russell Mark in action during the shoot off for Overall Double Trap
Women's Skeet - Laura Coles 2nd, Zita Dettori Overall Christopher Southwell Junior Trap Winner, Adam Vella Overall Men's Trap Grade Winners: Daniel Baskerville 3rd Overall Skeet, Brett Dunstan 3rd Overall Trap, Todd Malone A Grade Trap, Christopher Southwell B Grade Trap, Craig Mitchel C Grade Trap Paul Adams - Men's Overall Skeet Winner