2011 State ISSF Titles
Melbourne Gun Club
October 7th to 9th

Report By Craig Henwood

Note: See end of report for photos

They say Melbourne is famous for its "all four seasons in one day" weather and on October 7-9 it was no different for the 2011 Victorian State ISSF Carnival conducted at Melbourne Gun Club in Lilydale.

After much negotiation getting the green light from AISL to be a PQS event, entries were well up on the previous 2 years with shooters travelling from all over Australia to compete. A total of 5 PQS scores were recorded over the weekend showing that Melbourne Gun Club is the place to shoot if you want to shoot good scores.

This was the first year this event has been pre nominations and all seemed to work smoothly. With a total of 83 individual competitors entered over the weekend in their respective events it would have been near impossible to start on time without pre nominations.

A total of 18 shooters had entered in the State Double Trap event held on Friday the 7th of October in muggy overcast conditions but without a breath of wind. Round 1 saw Steve Haberman out of the blocks with a blistering 48 to have a 1 target lead from Russell Mark on a 47 and Craig Trembath a 46.

Scores from all shooters were up and down for the remaining 2 rounds. The final saw Russell Mark 135, Steve Haberman & Nick Kirley 133, Craig Trembath 130, Marc Crimmins 118 and Daniel White on 113. The final came right down to the wire with Steve Haberman and Russell Mark tied for the Overall and a shoot off required. A further 3 pair saw Steve Haberman as the victor.

In the Junior section Melbourne Gun Club member Geoff Aston held off the rest of the field to record a victory with 109/150.

Overall Steve Haberman 185/206
AA Grade Russell Mark 135/150
A Grade Marc Crimmins 118/150
B Grade Daniel White
C Grade Daniel Cleary 100/150
Junior Geoff Aston 109/150

Open State Postal Team: Steve Haberman, Russell Mark, Craig Trembath, Nick Kirley, Jeff Tonna & Daniel White.

Open Shoulder to Shoulder Team: Steve Haberman, Russell Mark & Nick Kirley.

Junior State Postal Team: Geoff Aston, Matt Woods, Kyle Dunkley & Daniel Cleary.

Junior Shoulder to Shoulder Team: Geoff Aston, Daniel Cleary & Matt Woods.

Fourteen women had entered the State Women's Trap event held on Saturday the 8th in again warm overcast and still conditions. 2008 Beijing Olympian Stacy Roiall got off to a great start posting 24 in her opening round. She went on to shoot further rounds of 23 and 24 to lead into the final with a 71 and a PQS. 1 target behind her, also with a PQS, was 2004 Athens Gold Medallist Suzy Balogh on 70, Laetisha Scanlan & Catherine Skinner on 68, Michelle Beecham 65 & Rohanna Abberton on 63 rounded out the top 6.

A great final of 21 saw Stacy too good and win by a commanding 6 targets. A shoot off for 2nd and 3rd was held between Laetisha and Suzy with Suzy coming out on top.

Overall Stacy Roiall 92/100
2nd Suzy Balogh 92/106
3rd Laetisha Scanlan 91/106

State Postal Team: Stacy Roiall, LaetishaScanlan, Michelle Beecham and Catherine Skinner.

Shoulder to Shoulder Team: Stacy Roiall, LaetishaScanlan& Catherine Skinner

Also held on the Saturday was the State Women's Skeet and, although only 3 competitors, it was a very tight tussle between all 3. Laura Coles who has an excellent track record at Melbourne Gun Club lead into the final on a very well shot 70/75 and also a PQS. She lead Lauryn Mark by 1 target on 69 and Zita Dettori on 67.

A final round of 23 by Laura was enough for her to win the State Title by 2 targets. Great shooting Laura.

Overall Winner:
Laura Coles 93/100


A hot field of 50 shooters tussled out this event held over the Saturday and Sunday. Day 1 saw warm overcast conditions while Sunday dished up a bit of everything, pouring rain and strong winds one minute, then clear blue skies and dead still the next. You needed a "bit of luck" to avoid getting wet.

50 targets were shot on day one with Adam Vella missing his very last target to record an excellent 49/50. Nathan McDonnell & Steve Trembath were right on his heels with 48 with Jeff Tonna& Tom Turner on 47.

Day 2 and Adam handled the tough conditions brilliantly to record rounds of 24,25,24 to finish with a score of 122/125 and another PQS. He lead his closest rival, Brett Dunstan, by 5 targets on 117. The remaining 4 finalists were all on 115 they being Josh Collard, Daniel DiPietro, Jeff Tonna and Nathan McDonell.

A slight hiccup in the final saw Adam miss his first 3 targets but regroup to finish with a score of 21 and win yet another Victorian State Title.

Overal Adam Vella 143/150
A grade Brett Dunstan 117/125
A grade 2nd Daniel DiPietro 115/125 + 5
B Grade Nathan Kotlarewski 112/125
B Grade 2nd Roger Esplin 109/125
C Grade Shane Stokes 103/125
C Grade 2nd Darryl Johnston 100/125
Junior Josh Collard 115/125
Junior 2nd Daniel Cleary 101/125

Open Postal Team: Adam Vella, Nathan McDonnell, Steve Trembath, Jeff Tonna, Craig Henwood& Nathan Kotlarewski

Shoulder to Shoulder Team: Adam Vella, Danny DiPietro & Nathan McDonnell

Junior Postal Team: Josh Collard, Daniel Cleary, Leigh Stokes & Kyle Dunkley.

Junior Shoulder to Shoulder Team: Josh Collard, Daniel Cleary & Leigh Stokes


A total of 9 shooters competed in the Men's Skeet which saw some very good shooting indeed. Clive Barton got out of the blocks nice and early smashing the first 50. A 23 in his last round however saw him tied on day 1 with 3 other shooters - Paul Adams, Keith Ferguson and Anthony Sottosanti also all recording 73/75.

Day 2 and the cold dark windy conditions made things tough on the skeet range. Clive just held on for his PQS with a well shot 121/125. Queensland youngster Paul Adams, just missing out with a 120, was next in line. The big mover from day 1 was David Cunningham who showed the younger guys just how it's done missing his very last target to shoot 74/75 for the day to be next into the final on 118 with Anthony Sottosanti and Keith Ferguson. David Douglas took out the 6th spot with 116.

A round of 24 in the final saw Clive hold on by 1 target from Paul Adams to claim the 2011 Victorian State ISSF Skeet Title.

Overall Clive Barton 145/150
AA Grade Paul Adams 120/125
A Grade David Douglas 116/125
B grade Tony Scapin 111/125
Junior Paul Adams 120/125

Open Postal Team: Anthony Sottosanti, Keith Ferguson, James Bolding, Tony Scapin, David Cunningham & Daniel Egan.

Shoulder to Shoulder Team: David Cunningham, Anthony Sottosanti & Keith Ferguson.

This concluded the 2011 Victorian ISSF Carnival which was one of the more successful in recent times.

A few thank-yous are required:
Firstly, to the official referees for the event who were required for the shoot to have PQS status – Judith Kent, Ian Urch, Vince Mollica & Peter Wray who all worked tirelessly and between them officiated in every squad for the weekend, a huge effort.

Secondly,The Melbourne Gun Club committee for all the work in preparing the grounds and targets, changing traps etc. in ensuring a well ran carnival.

Thirdly, Craig Henwood for taking all the pre-noms for the event and, as usual, again preparing the website report.

Finally, Inge Esplin & Jean Wray who made sure all ran to plan in the office and a big thank you to all others who helped.

We hope to again have PQS status on this event next year and look forward to seeing you all again in 2012.

The Double Trap "Final" is underway

Steve Haberman on his way to victory

Melbourne Gun Club members Roger Esplin (2nd B grade),
Nathan Kotlarewski (1st B grade) and
Darryl Johnston (2nd C Grade) in Mens Trap

Laetisha Scanlan (3rd), Stacy Roiall (1st)
& Suzy Balogh (2nd) in Womens Trap

Laura Coles (WA) Womens Skeet Overall winner

Josh Collard (Junior winner) with Adam Vella
(Overall winner) in Mens Trap