Major State Events

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Day Events
Held at
Tower Double Barrel Mansfield CTC 15th January
Skeet Melbourne GC 26th – 29th January
English Sporting Clays Bendigo CTC 4th March
5-Stand Sporting clays Maryborough GC 12th March
Walk Up Wonthaggi GC 9th April
Double Barrel Continental Sebastopol GC 30th April TBA
Deauville Doubles Sebastopol GC 30th April TBA
ISSF - (Double Trap, Skeet & Trap) Melbourne GC 12th – 14th May
Champion of Champions Castlemaine GC 8th July
Points Score Continental Euroa CTC 13th August
Tower Points Score Warrnambool CTC 13th August
Mixed Targets Callawadda-Stawell CTC 19th August
Ball Trap Warrnambool CTC 10th September
Tower Single Barrel Kerang CTC 8th October
DTL State Ground/Echuca CTC 10th – 12th November
Night Events
Tower Points Score Kerang CTC 20th January
Tower Double Barrel Kerang CTC 10th February
Mixed Target Mansfield CTC 15th April
Continental Single Barrel Mansfield CTC 15th April
Double Barrel Colac GC 6th May
Handicap Beaufort GC 19th May
Points Score Mansfield CTC 20th May
Double Rise Noorat GC 24th August
Champion of Champions Mansfield CTC 16th September

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